To purchase any of my "For Sale" prints, call or email me with:
  (1) the name of the Gallery ("Fine Art Photos"), and
(2) the name of the photo, like this: Fine Art Photos/"Bahai Temple"
To get the name of the photo, hover your mouse over it. If you want to see a larger version, click on the image.

Then tell me what size and type (Print, Matted  Print or Framed Print) you want to purchase, as per the price list
 in "Fees & Services", like this: "8X10 Print", "Matted 11X14 print", or "Framed 16X20 print"

Americanflat 18X24 Frames

If you want Licensing Information (for web or print), I will let you know the fee at that time
Fees are based on the image(s), the target audience, and typical License Terms like Duration and Use

I can accept checks, PayPal or credit cards for purchases
After I receive payment I can either UPS your print or you can pay and pick it up yourself (in Northshore Chicagoland)
For image licensing I will send you a Dropbox link after I receive payment

My email address and phone number are:
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