Bahai In Winter
Mellody Farm Gates
Chicago Skyline Pano
Chicago Skyline Shooter
Blue Hour Chicago
Chicago Sunset
Chicago River B&W
Chicago River
Soldier's End
Moon Moth Eyes
Beauty of the Fort
Water Lily Rider
View from Millennium Park
West Wacker Drive
Botanic Fly
Lipizzan Air Step
Lily Pond Fly
Lake Forest Hospital
Buckingham Fountain Close-up
Red Lily
MCA Stairs: Down
MCA Stairs: Up
Lake Forest, Illinois
Orchid Show 2019
Orchid Show Ceiling
Buckingham Fountain at Night
Buckingham Fountain B&W
Congress Hotel
Chicago Theater
Palmer House Ghost
Palmer House Bar
View from Travelodge
Chicago Theater
Chicago Cultural Center
Crown Ballet
Buckingham Fountain
Chicago Skyline
Buckingham Fountain
Lensbaby Flowers
Lake Forest Lake
Bethesda Fountain
Botanic Garden Fog
Ghost Train
Red Flower
Another Lily
Beautiful Sadness
Parallel Universe
Orchid Show 2019
2018 Orchid Show
Orchid Show 2
Jose Marti Statue
911 Girders
Summer carnival in Lake Forest
swirly flowers
Melody Farm Sunset
Heart of the Flower
Orchid Show 2018
Orchid Show 2018
Lake Forest House
Night Train
Pond of Death!
Garden Conference
Garden Duck Statue
Garden Conference
Orchid Show 2019
Lily with Shadow
Garden Conference
73rd Street Manhattan
Ansonia Hotel
Mirrored Flowers
More Meditation
Bahai Temple Sepia
Fall In Lake Forest
Bridge Reflections
Water Lily
Summer Night in Highwood
The Sower at Christmas
Studio Macro Flower
Chicago Picasso
Sweet Home Chicago
Trees in Glencoe
Silver Tree
Botanic Garden Lake
Butterfly Hand
Leaf Butterfly
Garden Conference Bee
Butterfly Show 2017-4
Civil War Actors-1
Union Camp Re-enactors
Civil War Actors-2
Cloudgate Fisheye
Chicago Fat!
Air Step-2
Lipizzan Portrait
Hanging Jesus
Deerfield Catholic
America Out of Focus
Native Princess
20s Kids
Flower Face
Halloween Sun Dog
Willis Tower
Dancing Orchid
Orchid Macro
Orchid Dancers
Flower Solo
Red Orchids
Orchid Show 2017-1
Orchid HDR
Orchid Show 2017-2
Lake County Sunset
New Best Friend
Alligator Turtle
Blue Ice Carver
Chicago Skyline
Summer Moon
Nice Sunset on Rt. 60
Bush Illusion
Lady on Cellphone
Botanic Garden Japanese Garden
Fish in Space
Mystery Flower
Butterfly Show Single
Butterfly Show Triple
Butterfly Show Moth
Butterfly Show Beauty
El Train Crossing
Fisheye Flower
Butterfly Show Lovers
Hancock Center 1
Hancock Center 2
Butterfly Show
Another World
Streeterville Building
Temple Flower Macro
Temple Grounds
Temple Fisheye
Bahai In Summer
Highway 41
Fiahing Hole B&W
Independece Grove
Discovery Ctr Rattler
Home Orchid Macro
Ballerina Silhouette
Lake Forest Rec League
Disney Trip 2
Fireworks 4
Deerfield Fouth of July 1
Lake Bluff Car Show 1
Wisconsin Camping
Frontyard Rose
Botanic Garden Shot
Lincoln Park Zoo
Orchid Show 2015-5
Orchid Show 2015-7
Field Museum-5
Highland Park Home-2
San Diego-2
San Diego-5
San Diego-8
Blue & Gold Chicago

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